SAAS, PAAS and IAAS – Making Cloud Computing Less Cloudy

by tapangarg on December 1, 2010

SAAS allows users to run online applications. Off-the-shelf applications are accessed over the Internet. The vendors own the applications and the users pay a fixed subscription fees. Great for generic applications, but not for customized, complex applications for large enterprises.

PAAS allows users to create their own cloud applications. Basically, provides an environment and set of tools to allow the creation of new web applications. More risk of vendor lock-in because applications cannot be moved easily between platforms.

IAAS allows users to run any applications they want to on cloud hardware of their choice. Existing applications can be run on the vendor’s cloud hardware, potentially replacing a company’s data center infrastructure.

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  • Raghavan Madabhushi

    We need to be careful when we discuss cloud computing. We see lot of jargon thrown at user community. Public Cloud / Private Cloud / Virtualization etc. As we see Virtualization is enabler of cloud platforms, there are lot of false clouds out there. Real cloud is always public cloud where user is only worried about usage of resources whether it is applications or infrastructure. Lot of om premise vendors are coming with concept of private cloud which is nothing but same boxes sold with virtualization components. They claim that cloud is evolution, first virtualize, then built private cloud and then move to public cloud. But market reality is that cloud is revolution and if businesses are not smart to adopt real clouds they loose benefits of cloud. So guys better watch out.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Raghavan. You have made some very pertinent points.

    • Anandh Venkatraman

      I think the Jargon’s are a reality. The differentiators between a public cloud and a private cloud is the same as that of intranet and internet which was the in thing a decade ago. If you have apps/sites/content mgmt/employee portal’s for an enterprise to be used internally, they are good candidates for moving to the private cloud. The discipline, governance framework, technology/architecture/security etc..need to be considered/looked at differently in each of the cases.

      Again for adoption, if you were the head of banking, would you take the decision of moving the entire internet banking to the cloud at this point. Points to ponder…

      Yes cloud is the next big wave!!!

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