Facebook CTO Says Biggest Mistake Was To Buy Servers

by Tapan 'Ananta' Garg on February 11, 2011

In an interview with the BBC Facebook CTO, Bret Taylor has said that his biggest technology mistake has been to buy servers instead of looking at cloud based solutions. When asked by the reporter to talk about his biggest technology mistake, Taylor spoke about this choice he made during his FriendFeed days:
When we started that company, we were faced with deciding whether to purchase our own servers, or use one of the many cloud hosting providers out there like Amazon Web Services. At the time we chose to purchase our own servers. I think that was a big mistake in retrospect. The reason for that is despite the fact it cost much less in terms of dollars spent to purchase our own, it meant we had to maintain them ourselves, and there were times where I’d have to wake up in the middle of the night and drive down to a data centre to fix a problem.
How many of you are making the same mistake today? Are you evaluating the cloud services out there before putting in that next server in the Data Center? Photo Credit : http://www.flickr.com/photos/jolieodell/

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