Websense Security Workshop: Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs)

by amarinder on September 11, 2011

Today’s APTs target confidential data and proprietary corporate information. From Aurora and Stuxnet to RSA and Sony, ATPs are becoming increasingly frequent and affect corporations across the globe. Security breaches affect not just users, but also companies who then have to deal with damaged reputation and financial loss.

Websense’s Security Workshop on APTs is designed to help you better understand how to address these threats within your own environment. Participants learn about:

  • What is an APT?
  • What makes APTs different from traditional attacks?
  • What are some examples of APTs and how are they different from blended threats?
  • How does Websense address both APTs and blended threats?

Dates: Bangalore – 15th September, 2011

               Chennai – 16th September, 2011

Register: Email your contact details to Manish Bansal at mbansal@websense.com for more details.


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