Websense TRITON™ – making seamless data security a reality

by amarinder on September 10, 2011

Today’s organizations need a unified content security solution: among many other challenges, fast-evolving malware, blended threats, internally initiated data leakage, and an increasingly borderless enterprise have rendered traditional point product approaches less effective while driving up costs and complexity.

The Websense TRITON™ solution is designed to slash content security Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) while enabling organizations to safely leverage new communication, collaboration, and social web tools like Facebook and Twitter. Organizations achieve the lowest TCO through its unified content security, which consolidates web security, email security, and data loss prevention (DLP) into a highly flexible and scalable unified architecture; unified platform of on-premise and Security-as-a-Service (SaaS) deployments; unified content analysis with the real-time threat intelligence provided by the Websense Advanced Classification Engine (ACE); and unified management infrastructure.

The TRITON solution provides unrivaled visibility into an organization’s computing environment and application traffic. Unified policy management that spans on-premise and Cloud-based deployment options further ensures that remote office and mobile workers receive the same high-quality protection consistent with their headquarters-based colleagues.

Its leading features and unique capabilities include:

  • Market-leading web and email security technologies. Flexible user authentication, application control, antivirus, real-time security scanning, URL filtering, advanced reputation analysis, SSL inspection, real-time updates, and integral Web DLP are all leveraged to protect against malware, improve employee productivity, and help prevent data loss while enabling safe use of dynamic Web 2.0 resources. Likewise, comprehensive protection is provided for email with a cocktail of antispam, antivirus, reputation analysis, and integral email DLP capabilities.
  • Enterprise-class DLP. Leading DLP technology is designed to identify, monitor, and protect confidential data. By leveraging the unified content analysis of the TRITON solution, Websense Data Security Suite accurately prevents data loss, secures business processes, and helps organizations manage compliance and risk. Both, internally and externally initiated data loss scenarios are addressed.
  • Websense Advanced Classification Engine (ACE). An advanced composite content classification engine, ACE brings individual analytic services together to deliver truly unified content analysis. ACE is the “fusion” of all the different market-leading web, security, and DLP analytics Websense has to offer.
  • Websense ThreatSeeker® Network. Composed of a dedicated team of cutting-edge security researchers, a collection of more than 50 million monitoring systems that parse over one billion pieces of content daily, and numerous automated analysis routines, the ThreatSeeker Network provides ACE with real-time intelligence about newly discovered threats.
  • Websense TruHybrid™ deployment. The TRITON solution supports both on-premise deployment via Websense V-Series™ appliances and Cloud-based deployment.
  • Websense TRITON Console. A comprehensive management solution, the TRITON Console unifies the configuration, monitoring, and reporting capabilities for Websense Web, email, and DLP technologies into a single, web-based interface.
  • Websense Global Technical Support. Top-quality support personnel with expertise spanning all lifecycle phases (e.g., plan, build, run) provide TRITON customers with technical assistance.

The strengths and benefits of a unified content security solution:

  • Security risks are reduced through a combination of proactive (i.e., limiting user exposure in the first place) and reactive mechanisms (i.e., threat/attack filtering).
  • Compliance posture is improved, particularly with regard to meeting standards of due care for information security and maintaining the privacy of sensitive information.
  • Proprietary information is protected against unwanted exposure.
  • Liability protection is provided as unwary users are shielded from offensive content.
  • User productivity is improved as spam and nonwork related activities are curtailed.
  • Bandwidth and other computing resources are conserved, as traffic and nonessential usage is curtailed.

For IT, the advantages of a unified content security solution are that it:

  • Provides significantly greater security effectiveness. CIOs gain greater visibility into how data, applications, and the computing infrastructure in general are being used; and the benefit of being able to prevent the latest generation of blended threats and sophisticated, targeted attacks.
  • Achieves greater coverage. A comprehensive and completely consistent set of content security capabilities is available for mobile and remote users as well.
  • Reduces infrastructure complexity and administrative workload. Considerably fewer devices need to be implemented, integrated, and maintained. It has a single, web-based console that is accessible from anywhere.

For business management, a unified content security solution:

  • Slashes TCO. The annualized TCO of Websense-hosted email security at a typical midsize company is less than one-third the cost of a comparable on-premise email security solution.
  • Enables innovation and growth without compromise. Organizations can fully leverage new communication, collaboration, and Web 2.0 tools.
  • Ensures compliance with regulatory requirements. Enterprise-class DLP and comprehensive content security coverage ensure superior threat prevention capabilities.

For users, a unified content security solution:

  • Enhances their computing experience. No matter where they are, users can be treated with the same, consistent set of policies.
  • Removes roadblocks to increased productivity. Users gain the freedom to find and take advantage of new sites, services, and tools.

The Websense TRITON solution is the industry’s first and only solution that fully meets enterprises’ requirements by combining market-leading web, email, and data loss prevention security technologies into one unified architecture. The benefits of this approach are extensive and include comprehensive security coverage for today’s borderless enterprises.

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