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Lupin Limited – A prescription for cloud computing innovation

by Vivek on March 4, 2015

Lupin is an innovation led transnational pharmaceutical company developing a wide range of branded and generic formulations along with biotechnology products and APIs. The company is a significant player in Cardiovascular, Diabetology, Asthma, Pediatric, CNS, GI, Anti-infective, and NSAID space and holds a global leadership position in Anti-TB and Cephalosporin segments. Lupin is the fifth largest and among the fastest growing top five generic drug players in the US (5.3% market share by prescriptions, IMS Health). In sales, it is the third largest Indian pharmaceutical company.

Mayur Danait, CIO at Lupin Limited, is responsible for strategy and implementation of technology to help the company achieve its business goals.

A global need

As part of its growth strategy, Lupin acquired several companies across the world over the past decade. “We found ourselves with multiple legacy-messaging solutions in each country and felt the need to upgrade to the latest world-class technology,” says Danait. Integration of the Lupin world on a single collaboration platform was essential.

Weighing solutions

“Our decision to go on the cloud was taken fairly early,” says Danait. After careful evaluation of all cloud options, Lupin chose Microsoft Office 365 because it was backed by a vendor with the strongest commitment to this technology. “Moreover, most of our employees were already comfortable with the end-user experience that Office 365 offered,” says Danait. The biggest driver however was that Office 365 was a collaborative platform with all tools in place and one could simply activate them when needed.

Efficient migration

“The key lies in a clear migration plan,” says Danait. Lupin oversaw the migration of 14,500 users over six months. A special investment was made to run two parallel messaging systems. This helped cover all locations in a methodical manner during the transition period. The migration plan was designed to be flexible for adapting to various needs. For instance, Lupin decided to locally store archives and sync them with the cloud later.

Investment made good

Lupin knew in advance how much the migration process would cost. “We were confident of saving up to 15–20% as compared to running a legacy environment,” says Danait. The process also led to other gains for the company. “We chose a collaborative platform to enable easy sharing of information across continents. Employees could use any device anywhere.” Users benefited from speedy access to latest technologies. The IT department welcomes low hardware maintenance costs and the built-in disaster recovery system. With so many advantages – especially high savings – Office 365 was an easy choice for the CFO and, of course, Lupin.

Implementation pointers

  • Look at the complete picture –consider how the cloud integrates with on-premise solutions
  • Shift focus from maintaining server hardware to ensuring an open network
  • Build awareness of security aspects and laws for handling of data across the geography and industry you operate in
  • Choose the right partners for technology, support, and sustenance. The integrated platform had created a newer sense of community that was very essential to the evolving workplace.

Lupin has saved valuable time and money with cloud implementation, freeing up resources for other important functions. Cloud computing has definitely aided and even bettered the overall functioning of Lupin. It is easy to see how other companies can benefit in a similar manner.

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