Why the Hybrid Cloud will be Every CIO’s Ally in 2016

by Vivek on February 16, 2016

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Here’s why I believe 2016 will be the year of the Hybrid Cloud: 


By LS Subramanian

The wait for India-based hybrid Clouds is finally over; and Indian CIOs today are spoilt for choice. 2016 will truly be the year of the CIO taking the Cloud by storm, as many applications will be moved to a Hybrid Cloud deployment for business agility and ease of manageability.

Here’s why I believe 2016 will be the year of the Hybrid Cloud:



Availability of India-based Cloud computing

There are a number of data centers based in India, which provide Cloud computing services. Thus your data is in India and governed by Indian laws.



Cloud appliances are stable

There are a variety of stable Cloud appliances, which simplify Cloud manageability. The control remains within the organization and the CIOs are in control of their data and computing. What’s more, plug and play appliances are available in India now.



Team collaboration

Team collaboration tools such as email, sales management, project management, and conferencing will move to the Cloud, allowing anytime-anywhere and real-time collaboration for the CIO’s business.




The hybrid cloud is a big boost for compliance and allows businesses to be in control of their compliance and security position. They can manage their risks from their Cloud appliance in their own data center, rather than delegate it to a vendor.



Digital India

The Digital India targets cannot be achieved without the use of cloud computing. With mobile being the end-point device of choice, nothing works better than a Cloud-andmobile- combination for real-time delivery of computing in the palm of the user.




The demand for mobile computing can be easily met by use of Cloud-based mobile applications, which are hosted in India.



Go green

Hybrid Cloud computing allows companies to focus on their green initiatives by consuming additional computing needs from the Cloud.



Need for Speed

Every Indian business demands speed of execution from their IT team and nothing delivers this better than Hybrid Cloud computing.



Reliable disaster recovery

Cloud is a reliable disaster recovery engine and is cost-effective and easy to deploy as compared to traditional build and deploy disaster recovery solutions.



Non-critical applications

Many non-critical business applications such as testing and application development can be migrated to the Hybrid Cloud with no major impact on the business.



Turbo charged data centers

In-house data centers will be turbo-charged by moving non-critical computing to the Cloud, thus getting the core business computing done on time and efficiently.



Lowering of capital expenditure

As capex on IT investments becomes difficult to procure in IT budgets, moving to the Cloud lowers capital expenditure and the spending turns into an operating expense on a need basis for business computing.



Better knowledge

Indian technology professionals now have a better understanding of cloud computing and how to choose solutions. Hybrid Cloud will be the first step for a secure journey in the Cloud and will be the route of choice for future adoption.

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