Jindal SAW’s Email Management Takes Flight With the Cloud

by Vivek on March 11, 2016

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Chandan Sinha,
CIO, Jindal Saw Ltd.

Leaders Of Today
Jindal SAW Ltd began their operations in 1984, becoming the first Indian company to manufacture Submerged Arc Welded (SAW) pipes. Today, Jindal SAW (part of the O.P. Jindal Group) is the undisputed leader in the tubular market. The company has diversified from a single product company to a multi-product organisation, manufacturing SAW and spiral pipes for the energy transportation sector; carbon, alloy, and seamless pipes for industrial applications; and Ductile Iron (DI) pipes for water and waste-water transportation. Jindal SAW has integrated manufacturing facilities not only in India but also in USA, Europe, and UAE.

With a customer base that includes the world’s leading oil and gas companies, engineering manufacturers, and other industrial applications, Jindal SAW’s reach is undeniable. Mr. Chandan Sinha, CIO at Jindal SAW, has over 3 decades of rich experience in blue chip companies in the manufacturing sector (including Automobiles, Pipes, Mining, and Chemicals). Having rolled out enterprise applications on a global scale, Mr. Sinha shares his insights with us on why Jindal needed a Cloud solution.

Expansion And Its Challenges
As Jindal’s business model expanded to include more strategic locations, markets, products, industries, and customers, so did their email volumes. Soon, they found that their existing exchange servers just couldn’t keep up with the sheer bulk of email traffic. “The existing email system of a controlling server communicating with child servers at each location was completely dependent on connectivity between each location. Cases of delayed email delivery and, at times, non-delivery, meant alarming consequences for the seamless flow of communication,” said Mr. Sinha. With email being a critical communication tool for a growing organisation, downtime spelt serious business repercussions. Therefore, it became vital for Jindal SAW to adopt a robust modern messaging infrastructure that could meet their business needs and expectations.


A Prudent Solution
After careful consideration of the various options, Mr. Sinha’s team eventually zeroed in on Exchange Online — Microsoft’s Cloud-based hosted email platform.

Embracing Change
Change is difficult for most people and it was no different at Jindal SAW. Stakeholders were concerned about the potential security issues that may arise from hosting data externally. But the Microsoft team assuaged their concerns by giving evidence of Microsoft’s heavy investments in their data operations. “We convinced our partners, citing advantages such as instant and 100% delivery of emails, in a secure environment,” confirmed Mr. Sinha. Microsoft’s commitment to security was further displayed by it meeting the most stringent industry standards, including the ISO 27001, FISMA, FedRAMP, HIPAA, and EU Safe Harbor, offering the highest level of enterprise security to its clients.

“Office 365 Exchange brought with it a smarter inbox, reduced corporate liability, diminished overhead costs, and enhanced mobile productivity. In addition, IT benefited with easier deployment because of the complete inter-operation with earlier Exchange version.” While deploying Office 365 Exchange, Jindal simultaneously entered into an enterprise agreement with Microsoft.

Mr. Sinha saw great value in moving to an enterprise agreement with Microsoft due to:

  • Price lock in – With an enterprise agreement, Jindal SAW managed to reap the benefits of a price lock in, which allows prices to remain frozen for a period of 3 years, making the organisation immune to potential price rises.
  • Flexibility in moving users up and down – True scalability on the Cloud meant that Jindal could add or remove users within the price lock in period while maintaining the same price, per user.
  • Reduced administrative burden – With only a single payment made at the beginning or end of every financial
    year, the administrative burden and overheads were reduced, while cash flow and budget visibility enhanced.

Reaping Gains
Operational Efficiency Post implementation, the Jindal team quickly witnessed stability and performance enhancements from Office 365 Exchange, making it easier to run the Exchange Server. “No lost emails or delay in delivery have been reported since,” confirmed Mr. Sinha. The solution strengthened Jindal SAW’s steadfast commitment to its customers, its people, and its community.

Scalable Business Model
Adoption of Office 365 Exchange made the business model increasingly flexible. “Earlier, adding or acquiring a new manufacturing facility meant procuring and setting up brand new Exchange infrastructure, costing us time and effort. With Office 365, the process was streamlined such that creating profiles for a new set of users was almost instantaneous.”

Cost Savings
Everyday operation of the Exchange server was no longer a costly affair. Microsoft’s endeavours to continuously upgrade the platform with the latest features and capabilities, as well as their round-the clock support ensured a seamless and hassle-free transition.


With single-minded determination and embracing a new technology, Jindal SAW has been able to cement its position as market leaders in the tubular industry. Mr. Sinha put his faith in the Cloud when he said, “It’s been over a year and we are extremely pleased with the support and benefits bestowed by Microsoft’s Office 365 Exchange. I would certainly recommend it to other CIOs looking to make the crucial leap onto the Cloud!”

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