Windows 7 Adoption Report

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Windows 7 was launched in India towards the end of 2009. It was well-received and quickly gathered interest amongst the CIO community. About six months after Windows 7 was announced, the CIO Association of India (CAI) and Microsoft collaborated on a survey that sought to understand the state of Windows 7 Adoption in India. Commissioned in August 2010, this survey seeks to get a sense from the CIO community on their organization’s plans to deploy Windows 7, as well as understand the consideration set for CIOs to decide on upgrading to Windows 7.

CAI, India’s largest independent association of CIOs, has members from some of the most prominent organizations across the country. This survey was sent to the CAI member community and received 174 responses.

Duration: The survey was launched on August 10, 2010 and responses were accepted till August 13, 2010.

Reach: CIOs across India responded to the survey. A list of the respondent companies is presented in Appendix A. 174 CIOs across India responded with complete responses.

Executive Summary

In the next 12 months, most Indian CIOs (almost 80%) plan to upgrade to Windows 7. The perception of the OS is exceedingly positive among CIOs, with an overwhelming majority rating Windows 7 as “excellent” or “satisfactory”.

In terms of key constraints, application compatibility and hardware limitations are the areas that concern our CIOs the most, while budget does not seem to be an apprehension for most of the CIO community.

Windows Vista users are looking at the speed and stability of Windows 7 as the key drivers for upgrade, while XP users are looking for better features, performance and security. Both sets of users are looking forward to the power management enhancements and the improved UI of Windows 7.

Key Findings

  • 97.7% of the CIOs rated Windows 7 as “excellent” or “satisfactory”
  • 78.74% plan to deploy Windows 7 within the next 12 months
  • Deployment of Windows 7 is already in progress in 36.21% of the organizations surveyed
  • IT teams in 47.13% of the surveyed organizations have tested the OS and an additional 31.03% have already commissioned a pilot or Proof-of Concept (PoC) for Windows 7
  • Application Compatibility is the key constraint with an average rating of 3.17 out of 5 (where 1 is “no constraint” and 5 is a “big constraint”)
  • 57.47% of CIOs are evaluating Desktop Virtualization solutions

Download the complete Windows 7 Adoption Survey Report

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